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A Photography Award that Leads the Pack.

At the Canada Photo Convention, we didn't see any photography award as glamorous as the Oscars, that rewarded skill and art over luck and a beautiful setting.

We believe that the international community of photographers should recognize individuals for creating incredible, unique art. So we created the Alpha Wolf Award for those who should lead the pack in the photographic art of portraiture. You're an underdog who deserves to be leading the pack as an Alpha Wolf. Apply now - it's your time.

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The Difference an Award Makes

What our Alpha Wolf Award Winners had to say...

Jarusha Brown

An Alpha Wolf's photos aren't just pretty photos - they evoke emotion, tell a story and showcase the diversity of the photographer. They have soul. Winning this award has been such a reassuring event for me. I think we all have times where we don’t think our work is any good and receiving the Alpha Award has made me feel like my hard work is being recognized!

Jarusha Brown | Alpha Wolf - Weddings
Niv Shimshon

Winning this award means so much to me because it lets me know that I’m on the right track - and it is also a very important testimonial for my future couples.

Niv Shimshon | Alpha Wolf - Weddings

Current Judges

Every competition, Jasser Abu-Giemi judges the Alpha Wolf Awards along with 3 or 4 judges of discerning taste:

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